• Do I need a ticket for my child?
    • Children are welcome at most Segerstrom Center events, but every patron must have a ticket, regardless of age. Babes in arms are not permitted.
  • Is there an age limit for attending your shows?
    • Most shows do not have an age limit.  However, not all shows are appropriate for every child.  As a courtesy to other patrons and the performers, please bear in mind that it is not appropriate for small children to attend symphony, ballet and other performances where silence is a prerequisite for full enjoyment of the artistic experience. Babes in arms are not permitted.
  • Do you have children’s prices?
    • Most performances do not have specially priced tickets for children.
  • Are your shows appropriate for children?
    • Every child is different, and we believe that parents are best equipped to determine what is appropriate for their children.  We have many shows that are appropriate for children, but because not all of our shows fall into this category we have several ways to help you decide if the show is right for your child. 
    • Search for shows under the categories of Family or Family Friendly.
      • Family shows are performances geared specifically for children ages 3 – 11.  Each performance will list its recommended age range. 
      • Family Friendly performances are ones that Segerstrom Center believes are suitable for families of all ages to attend together.  However, some Family Friendly performances may be too long for younger children to sit through.
    • All of our Broadway type performances have a content guide, which you will find at the bottom of the performance details page for each production. This guide will let you know more about the specific content of the show as well as provide an age recommendation for attendance.
    • Please note that all children, regardless of age, need tickets to attend performances.



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