Donor recognition

Thank you to our supporters

Segerstrom Center for the Arts applauds the generosity of our donors who contributed gifts between July 1, 2021 through July 30, 2022.

$500,000 +


Phillip N. & Mary A. Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer

Elizabeth and Henry T.* Segerstrom

$200,000 +

Julia and George Argyros/Argyros Family Foundation

Gloria Brandes

Kevin and Denise Cassin

Eugene* and Ruth Ann* Moriarty

Sandy Segerstrom Daniels

$100,000 +


Marta and Raj Bhathal

Deborah and Larry J. Bridges

Center Tower Associates / Chase McLaughlin

Ann Conway Family

Jane and Jim Driscoll

Kling Family Foundation / Jackie Glass

Jenny and Jeff Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Imhof

Paul and Lilly Merage

Chipotle Mexican Grill / Jennifer and Brian Niccol

Bill and Pat Podlich

Michelle Rohé

Michael* and Stacy Schlinger

Mr. and Mrs. George Schreyer

David and Diane Steffy

$50,000 +

Howard and Roberta Ahmanson

Ginger and Tony Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bland

Sally and Randy Crockett


Mr. and Mrs. Andy Fimiano

John and Toni Ginger

Mr. and Ms. Mark Hales

Lawrence and Dolores Higby

S.L. and Betty Huang / Huang Family Foundation

Barbara Hiller Johnson

Burt and Molly Jolly

Don and Soogie Kang

Roger and Tracy Kirwan

Karla Kraft and Anderee Berengian

Dale Landon and Carole Haes Landon

Louis Vuitton

Dr.* and Mrs. Randall R. McCardle

Marcia L. Millen in memory of James and Leath Millen

Rick Muth Family/ORCO Block

Lana and Walter Parsadayan

Reverend and Mrs. Steven Perry

John and Sherry Phelan

David and Molly Pyott Foundation

Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Segerstrom

Sally E. Segerstrom

Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Ronna and Bill Shipman

Connie and Dr. Peter Spenuzza

Stewart R . Smith and Robin A. Ferracone

Steven M. Sorenson, M.D.

Susan M. and Timothy L. Strader Family

Tammy and Samuel Tang

The Tappan Foundation

The Guilds of the Center

Tara and David Troob

Jaynine and Dave Warner

Carol and Kent Wilken

Charles and Ling Zhang

$35,000 +

Dr. and Mrs. Bartley Asner

Steven and Herma Brenneis

Eileen J. Cirillo

Bonnie and Paul Lubock

Neil and Barbara Phillips Trust

Chuck and Jill Schreiber

Honorable H. Warren and Janet Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Vanderhook

Wilfred M. and Janet A. Roof Foundation

$25,000 +

Elizabeth An and Gordon Clune

Mr. and Mrs. Eyal Aronoff

Alfred E. Baldwin

The Beall Family

Bobbi Cox

Benjamin and Carmela Du

Allan* and Sandy Fainbarg

Diane and Joyce Froot

GOAL Foundation

Maralou and Jerry Harrington

Mike and Lynn Joseph

Donna L. Kendall Foundation

Harmon and Lea Kong

Deborah H. and Jeffrey H. Margolis

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray

Mr. Maurice Murray

Carolyn Zarate-Ramsey and Robert Ramsey

Mary and Carl Raymond

Ms. Christy A. Rosen

Bev and Bob Sandelman

Justice Sheila Prell Sonenshine (Ret.) and Mr. Ygal Sonenshine

Mrs. Valaree Wahler

$15,000 +


Tom and Pam Bender

Toni and Steven Berlinger

Barbara and Alex Bowie

The Cameron Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Cancellieri

Mary and John Carrington

Janet L. Curci

Dr. and Mrs. David Eggleston

Mr. and Mrs. David Emmes, II

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Estabrooks

Doug and Julie Garn

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grody

Marlene and Sam* Hamontree

Kim and Scott Harris-Weiner

Gavin and Ninetta Herbert

Reza Jahangiri and Ms. Katy Levering-Jahangiri

Jessica and James Johnson

Mary Phillipp and David Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Kuluris

Corey and Leslie Leyton

Mr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Livingston

Douglas (Tad) Lowrey and Gayle Lowrey

Charles* and Twyla Martin

Mr. John Massa and Mrs. Lisa Argyros

Rebecca and Carl McLarand

Louise Merage

Pam and Jim Muzzy

Mr. John R. Patterson

Patricia Poss*

Mr. James P. Previti and Ms. Bobbie K. Howe

Susan and Henry Samueli

Melinda and Steven Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Selva

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Simon

Kathryn Smith

The Sommerville Trust

Mindy and Glenn Stearns

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Steinmann

Sue and Ralph Stern

Stephanie and Cory Sukert

Donna and Ray Thagard, Jr.

Amy and Jeffrey Vieth

Stacey and Paul Von Berg

$10,000 +

Anonymous (2)

Dr. Fernando H. Austin

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bergman

Canterbury Consulting / Mr. D. Robinson Cluck

Ms. Barbara Cline

Gunnel Cole

Mr. and Mrs. W. James Edwards III

Robert* and LaDorna* Eichenberg

Ms. Lupe Erwin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Francis

Mr. Stan Frome

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Garrett

Howard Gleicher / Damon Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Craigar Grosvenor

Mrs. Vicki Gumm

Rondell B. and Joyce P. Hanson

Gay and Rob Johnson

Keller Family Fund

Robert D.* and Patricia B. MacDonald

Haydee and Carlos* A. Mollura

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moorhead

Scott and Jasmine Morielli

Patrick E. Paddon and S. Leslie Jewett

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pozzuoli

Hilary Roberts and Gregory Weith

RT Specialty

Patricia and Stephen Scarborough

Ms. Pamela M. Schmider

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Seigel

Mr. and Mrs. Damon Shelly

Richard and Patricia Shinto

Shorebreak Foundation, LLC

Marca and Brian Singer

Mrs. and Mr. Amita Singh

Peter and Mary Tennyson

Mr. Mark Tomaino and Ms. Diana Martin

Jason Wahler

$5,000 +


Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Arman

Katheryn Baker

Sally Bender

The Bish Family

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown

Jany Davenport

Tim and Michelle Dean

Mrs. Ishani M. Dhillon

Ms. Laurie Duncan

First Republic Bank / Shiva Sattar

Ray* and Pat Felbinger

Ms. Renee Fourcade

Elaina Francis

Lynn and Douglas K. Freeman

Frome Family Foundation

Antoinette Green, Joanne Scott* and Peggy Wiemann

Karen Hardin-Swickard

Ms. Kerry L. Hedley

Gary* and Sara, Frank and Brad Hinman

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hood

David L. Horowitz Family

Donna and David* Janes

Janice M. and Roger* W. Johnson

Curtis A. and Varla E. N. Knauss

Eve A. Kornyei

Peter C. and Bonnie S.* Kremer

Dr. and Mrs. Milton Legome

Linda I. Smith Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Link

John and Karen Meston

Harvey and Leslie Moore

Bob and Christie Narver

Cheryl Hill Oakes

Yvette Pergola

Robert and Helga Pralle Family Foundation

Marilyn Hester Robbins and William H. Robbins

Charles and Kathy Rosenberger

Jan Vitti Rubel

Sandy and Harriet Sandhu

Mrs. Meryl Schrimmer

Mary Shebell and Merle McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Slavik

Doniel and Jerry Sutton

Ms. Marci Hollander

$2,500 +

Anonymous (2)

Mr.* and Mrs. Howard Abel

The Ackerman Family

Bette and Wylie Aitken

Ms. Kathy R. Akashi

James and Elaine Alexiou

Mr.* and Mrs. Byron Allumbaugh

Michael Dreyer & Hannah An

Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Anderson

Ms. Stephanie Argyros

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Bain

Ms. Diane Bangar

Sharon Barrett

Mr.* and Mrs. Dror J. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Benkie

Barbara J. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Berns

Dr.* and Mrs. John R. Betson

Mark and Marilyn Bleak

Mrs. Kerrie Buncher

Kimberly Burge

Sylvia Burnett

Ms. Deidre Campbell

Cheryl Carlson

Marty Chao and Jean Chung

Dr. and Mrs. Shigeru Chino

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Chonette

Ronna and Donald Coe

David & Victoria Collins Family Fund

Corkett/Myers Families

Mary and Richard* Cramer

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cunningham

Noël Davis

Gregg Denicola, M.D.

Diana Martin Gifts

Mrs. Sandra DiSario

Mr. Kenneth Donaldson

Judi Dutton

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eng

Michael G. Ermer

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Evarts

Ms. Roberta Feuerstein

Ashley and Zach Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flanagan

Carole and Robert* Follman

Ms. Gwen Forquer

Fountain Orthotics & Prosthetics

Iris and Arnold Frankel

Steve* and Cindy Fry

Mike and Sharon Galassi

Ms. Marne A. Glass

Michael and Eleanor Gordon

Mr. William Gordon and Dr. Susan M. Condrey

Ms. Mary Gilly Graham

Pat and Gene Hancock

Bruce and Eileen Harrigan

Hendo Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Himes

Carl and Ruby Hoffman

Teri Kennady

Mark Ike

Mr and Mrs Jim Irwin

Dr. Douglas and Sandra Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jaffee

Tom Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson

Randy and Linda Kearns

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Keith

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Kobayashi

Michelle A. Lund

Gisela Kugler In Memory of Robert P. Kugler

Dr.* and Mrs. Paul K. Lam

Joann Leatherby and Greg Bates

Ms. Michelle Lee

Kevin and Doris Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Edward LeVasseur, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Lewis

Ms. Lynne E. MacVean

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mairena

Patricia Ann and Robert M. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Mawhorter

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Mazzo

Toni and Terry McDonald

Susan Mears

Ray Melissa and Elena Bedford

Suzanne and James Robb Mellor

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Meltzer

Lisa and Richard Merage

Michelle Merage

Tom and Naomi Moon

Richard A. and Marilyn Kayla Moriarty

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Primm

Mr. and Mr. Janis Murray

Chien and Linh Nguyen

The Minoru Nitta Family

Trish and John* O'Donnell

Evelyn and Pete Parrella

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Passo

Pamela Paul

Mr. Keith A. Pelan

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Perricone

Mr. Willard Pierce

Pirzadeh & Associates, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pitts

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Polonsky

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Proctor

Marcia Kay and Ron Radelet

Walter and Renate Rados

Suzanne C. and Jim H. Reinhardt

Joel and Lilya Reiss

Joan Riach Gayner

Rising Leaders

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roedersheimer

Georgia and Robert Roth

Ms. Lori Rudin

Paul and Mary Sackman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schneider

Anita Seiveley and Jim Collins

Joan and Alan Sellers

Mr.* and Mrs. William N. Shattuck

Claudette Shaw

Lance and Deborah Slimmer

Dr. John J. Smith and Mr. Edward R. Escoto

Janice and Ted Smith

Robert Farnsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Spanos

Nancy and Geoffrey Stack

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Stark

Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Steele

Ruth E. Sully

Mr. Lee R. Sutherland

Mr. and Mrs. R. David Threshie, Jr.

S. Vander Wal and S. Vincent

Ms. Isabelle Villasenor

Megan and John Waldeck

Mr. Jeff Walden

Geofrey Wickett and Normand Lessard

Hal and Cheri Wright

Paul and Cheryl Wyrick

The Beverly & Albert Zacky Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dean J. Zipser

$1,500 +

Ms. Donna Anderson and Mr. Ronald Willut

Ms. Barbara D. Baranski

Patricia Price and Craig Behrens

Mr.* and Mrs. Benton Bejach

John and Kathy Besnard

Ms. Donna S. Bianchi

Suzanne and Bert Bigelow

Phil and Judy Binder

Randy and Maria Blake

Bill and Judy Brady

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Brandes

Dr. Andrew Breiterman

Ms. Karly Brown

Charlie and Margie Bunten

Nancy N. Burnett

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Callard

Ms. Donna F. Calvert

Jean Campbell

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Chapman

Ms. Sandra Chiles

Lori and Harper Chozen

Ms. Sharon A. Cleaver

Ms. Mary Coates

Gail and Jim Daniels

Barbara and Adrian DeGroot

Mr. John Delaney III

Jerry and Kathy Dunlap

Frances L. Dye

Shari and Harry Esayian

Dottie and Bill Feeney

Ms. Kaaryn File

Mrs. Cristy Fischbeck

Cliff and Kathy Fleming

Janet Ford

Loretta Freund and Howard DeMar

Jaye Ruth Levy

Mr.* and Mrs.* T. Fukunaga/Kay K. Fukunaga

Marte* and Jack Ganoung

Margaret Gates

Gerrie Goodreau

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gorum

Kathy and Carl Greenwood

Sharon and John Gregg

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hartline

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hartshorn and Family

Vicki and David Hatfield

Angela Sue Helin

Toni Hoyt

Buzz* and Joan Jackson

Kristin Jackson

Laurie Jacobs

The Jaffe Family Foundation

Ms. Rosana Johnson

Kenneth L. and Marilyn C. Jones

Ms. Gladys Kares

Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Kern

Mr. Daryl S. Kling

Mr. and Mrs. James Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Konier

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lester

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Liao

Robert* and Janet Lind

Mr. Brian Lindley and Mrs. Maile Busby-Lindley

Ms. Karen Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Logan, Jr.

Richard and Jacqueline Lombardi

Ms. Margaret M. Lord

In Memory of Ed Lynch

Mrs. Colleen Manchester

Dr. and Mrs. William Manclark

Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Martens

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Naeve

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Naeve

P. Dennis Mattson and Melinda K. Harris

George and Sarah McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Metz

Steven and Jenny Mizusawa

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Molina

Scott and Susan Moore

Mr. Berto Muniz RN

Tom and Marian Nau

Yolanda Santos

Dr. Abdel Salam M. Niazy

Christine Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Norman

Mr. Patrick O'Neal

Ms. Dawn O'Rourke

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Packard

Ms. Katrina L. Pelto

Beverly and Jim Peters

Mr. Keith I. Polakoff

Michelle A. Reinglass

Ronna and Marshall Rown, M.D.

Lisa Rutherford

Ms. Janet Sanders

Ms. Suzanne Schaumburg

David and Orva Schramm

Ms. Denise Schuler

Roger and Phyllis Shafer

Linda and Ed Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Long Shung Shih

Mrs. Ingrid R. Shutkin

Ms. Shari Simmons

Ms. Kim Smith

Barbara E. Sorenson

Mr. Dean and Dawn Stephan

Rob and Joan Stratton

Carol Lipp Strauss

Susan and Richard Stuelke

The Suire Family

Toni Tartamella

Christopher Trela

Fritzie Walker

Ms. Geraldine Walker

In Memory of Robert D. Walters

Shanna White

Susan White

Ms. Susan Wiens

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Witt

Patricia Wright

Mr. Darren Xanthos

$1,000 +

Anonymous (4)

Jeannie Adams

Ms. Janis Agopian

Mr. Paul Anderson and Ms. Jessica Parris

Carol and Jerry Aspland

Babilo Family

Dorothy and Donald* Bendetti

Mrs. Jennifer Berg

Berwood Management, Inc.

Blue Violet Networks / Peggy Lynch

Mr. Peter F. Bowie

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Braun

In Memory of John Brierly

Paul and Rose Briscoe

Ms. Pauline Bukantz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Burns

Ms. Greta Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cashion

Richard and Paula Castanon

Ms. Bertha Cerda

Mr. John Chadwick

Michael and Elizabeth Chao

Kevin and Lisa Corrigan

Mr. Gordon Cowan

Greg and Donna Crandall

Ms. Patsy Cundiff

John L. Curci

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Currie

Mary E. Dalessi

Mr. William G. Daly

Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Dart

Dr. Robert F. and Julie A. Davey

Roger and Marjorie Davisson

Pieter and Keren de Zwart

Ms. Mary Debar

Jim and Mary Deleo

Ken and Peggy DeShan

Mary Allyn and Earl Dexter

Claus Dieckell

Richard and Lisa Doebler

Joan M. Donahue

John and Denise Duncan

Susan and Robert Ehrlich

Karen Ellis and Sandra Hartness

Mrs. Ellen L. Enochs

Gareth Thomas Evans, Esq.

Jean-Claude and Dina Falmagne

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fang

Ms. Epifania Fernandez

Mr. Todd Fjield

Drs. Lisa Flanagan and Edwin Monuki

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Fluor III

Ms. Rebecca Francis

Barbara Frazee

James and Martha Freeman

Marilyn French and Bill Behr

Ms. Yolanda Galloway

Mary and Dennis Ghan

Mr. James C. Gianulias

William J. Gillespie*

Lawrence and Sharlene Goodman

Dina L. Gray

Gary and Linda Greene

Mr. Chad Hainley

Mr. and Mrs. David Hale

Heidi Hall and Steven Guzowski

Tim and Mary Harward

Mr. Frank T. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hinkle

Peter Holliday

Dan and Lara Horgan

Mr.* and Mrs. R. S. Hoyt, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hudson

Hing and Doris Hung

Lynn L. Kambe

Irene B. Kamin

Marianne and Arthur Kidman

Ms. Claire Kim

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Knoth

Mrs. Debra Kornswiet-Shandling and Dr. Adrian Shandling

Tamara and Jon Krause

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krause

Mr. William J. Kritzmire

Ira and Riki Kucheck

Mr. Robert Kulpa and Ms. Linda S. Pabian

Dr. and Mrs. KiHong Kwon

Mr. Jesse W. Laney

Betty Jane Lang

Leisure Capital Management Inc.

Dr. Carolyn C. Light

Mrs. Yukiko Loritz

Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Jana Lu

Jim and Gale Luce

Kay and John Maglica

Dave and Diana Margileth

Ms. Laila Marshall-Pence

Joe and Linda Martin

Brandon and Melissa Mazzacavallo

Robert and Patricia McLaughlin

Gail Meredith and Dean Garrison

Pamela Michael

Sylvia D. Michler

Dr. Edwin S. Monuki

Priscella J. Moore

Ms. Janice L. Moroney

Ms. Jill Muckenthaler

Steven M. Murow

Linda Myers

Jerry and Linda Neely

In Memory of Mr. Robert T.  Newell

Mr. Gregory W. Newland

Ms. Shayna M. Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin J. Norton

Dr. Kevin O'Grady and Mrs. Nella Webster

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Oswald

William and Linda Owen

Ms. Pamela S. Pedego

Ms. Barbara Perez

Judy and Jack Perry

Dr. Ronald O. and Donna J. Phelps

Johni Pittenger

Mr. Mark Prendergast

Randall* and Cecilia Presley

Mr. and Mrs. David Quisling

Mr. Michael Reimer

Harry and Diane Rinker

Joy Ritchie

Laurie and Richard M.* Rodnick

Dale and Cindy Scheffler, and Mark Nye

Dolores Schiffert

Bud and Sandy Scott

Ms. Virginia D. Silverman

N. Vicky Staub

Dr. Melvyn and Patricia Sterling

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Stirrat

Mandi Strelow Burch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Surmanian

David and Jill Susson

Marilyn and Thomas C. Sutton

Mr.* and Mrs. Arthur E. Svendsen

Gary Tallman

Kristin Taylor

Mr. Christopher Trela

Thomas and Joyce Tucker Family

Ann Van Ausdeln

Ms. Alveris B. Van Fleet-Corson

Peter Vann

Henry and Sally Viets

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weisenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Weisman

Howard and Sumi Yata

David Zimmerman

What our donors are saying

Barbara H.
I feel proud when the curtain lifts before a Broadway show or ballet knowing that my donation is helping to bring beautiful art to our community. The membership perks like free parking and special events are fun too

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