Arts & Business Leadership Council

ABLC members are dynamic business and community leaders who support Segerstrom Center’s mission through fundraising, advocacy and community outreach with a particular emphasis on expanding audiences and developing the next generation of leadership for the Center.

We thank you in advance for your support of the Center, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about getting involved at the Center. For more information, contact Nikki Michela, Director of Institutional Giving at 

To thank members for their generosity, the Center is pleased to provide Council members with numerous benefits and opportunities

Lupe Erwin
  • Lupe Erwin

    ABLC Chair, Burnham / WGB

    Lupe’s personal dedication to the community extends to the many nonprofit organizations with which she is involved, including serving as the Chair of 44 Women for Children (an Auxiliary of Orangewood Foundation) and Board Member at FosterALL.

Katheryn Baker
Jesse D. Bagley
Cory Glass
  • Cory Glass

    Community Engagement Chair, Salesforce

    Born and raised in Newport Beach, Cory has worked at Salesforce for close to 10 years and is responsible for sales efforts within the Gaming and Hospitality Industry. Cory works as an advisor for multiple Companies and cares deeply for family and community philanthropy.

Steve Joseph
  • Steve Joseph

    Membership Chair, Smart Home Products, Inc. 

    Steve is an executive and entrepreneur with a passion for developing and distributing innovative home appliances. He is an aficionado of music and dance and is proud to support Segerstrom Center. He lives in Newport Beach with his wife Nicole and three children.

Fiona T. LeCong-Ly
Sarah J. McElroy
  • Sarah J. McElroy

    Special Events Chair, Community Volunteer

    Sarah has spent many years dedicated to the community through her work as Chair at CHOC Hospital's Mental Health Luncheon, Board Trustee at the South Coast Repertory Theatre, Board member of the Architecture and Design Museum in Palm Springs, and Board member and Chair of CureDuchenne’s Napa in Newport

Bill Meehan
Jill Meznarich
Maurice Murray
  • Maurice Murray

    Fundraising Chair, JPMorgan Private Bank 

    Maurice recognizes the meaningful impact that the arts can have on people of all backgrounds and is genuinely excited to serve with the Arts and Business Leadership Council as the Center continues to advance the arts and arts education in Orange County.

Tammy Octavio
  • Tammy Octavio

    Member-at-Large, Deloitte

    Tammy is passionate about the arts and has seen the impact of arts education in our schools and communities. She strives to be a positive force and have a meaningful impact in the community each day through her involvement with her children’s activities, nonprofit organizations and the business community.

Patrick Strader
  • Patrick Strader

    Facilities Chair, Starpointe Ventures 

    Patrick serves as a consultant and senior advisor to many of the most complex projects in Orange County. He has grown up with the Center and has attended shows regularly since its opening in 1986. He is proud to have played the Doctor in the 1994 Santa Margarita Catholic High School production of Carousel and the “third pirate on the right” in the 1990 Harbor Day School production of Pirates of Penzance. His wife Dana, and two sons, Brendan and Connor try to balance their many hours at sports fields with trips to the Center and playing the Hamilton soundtrack in the car on the way to games.

Yvonne Tsao
  • Yvonne Tsao

    Member-at-Large, Tsao Family Foundation 

    Yvonne Tsao's journey and love for musical theatre began with the timeless classic, Westside Story, which she watched with her father at age 12. That singular outing unleashed her passion for the visual arts, including musical theatre. For Yvonne, musical theatre isn't just an art form; it's a spiritual odyssey that opens the audiences' minds to history, fantasy, and realms unknown. Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a conduit that weaves the audiences' hearts with captivating music, vibrant characters, and transformative storytelling that has touched Yvonne and her family's lives and that she wants to share with other community residents.

Jaynine Warner

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