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The choice is YOURS!

With our Create Your Own Series subscription option, all of the decisions are up to you: 

  • You pick the performances you want to see
  • You pick the date and time you want to attend
  • You pick the seats in the price range that works for you!  

The only rule is that you need to pick at least 3!

But with over 50 engagements to choose from, and over 250 possible performances, the hardest part might just be narrowing down the ones you want to see!

Plus, you will qualify for any applicable savings if you pick four! And if you pick five shows or more, you get a free Segerstrom Center tote with your purchase! 

It's so easy! Start your selections from our full season below, or use some of the genre prompts to see smaller lists that might interest you! 

Ready, Set, Create Your Own!

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