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Building upon decades of celebrated artistic programming and innovative educational programs, in January 2017 we broke ground on our bold, new plan: The Next Act Capital Campaign. The Next Act reflects a dynamic vision for the future of the Center comprised of significantly enhanced artistic programs and venues, and dramatic steps forward in response to the growing needs of a rapidly changing Orange County. 

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Through a trio of transformative measures, the $70MM capital campaign is designed to maintain the Center’s commitment to artistic excellence while inspiring positive growth among the wonderfully diverse communities it serves.
These three new initiatives include:

Julianne and George Argyros Plaza

Designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture, the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza will serve as a dynamic town square and public gathering place for all of Orange County. The plaza will feature a lively café and permanent stage, over 30 weekends a year of free performances, enhanced sound and lighting systems and innovative applications of advanced technology, and a host of new guest amenities to further facilitate culturally connecting with the County’s diverse communities. Programming will include an array of performances presented by the Center, the Pacific Symphony, Pacific Chorale and Philharmonic Society, South Coast Repertory and Orange County Museum of Art ranging from outdoor concerts to weekend festivals, e-Sports, digital arts showcases, Friday night jazz – and more!

Center for Dance and Innovation

The Center for Dance and Innovation supports Segerstrom Center’s flagship artistic programs that act as a catalyst for initiatives that celebrate innovation and creativity in dance. Programs include the commissioning of new works, dance training in multiple genres and partnerships with the high-tech, bio-tech/entrepreneur community, offering new ways to engage with the arts through an array of on-site, off-campus, and online programs.

The Center for Dance and Innovation is also home to the American Ballet Theatre William J. Gillespie School, a unique national training curriculum structured to promote discipline and creativity, encouraging students to reach their highest potential while building a safe and solid foundation in ballet technique; and the new School of Dance and Music for Children with Disabilities, which developed in collaboration with Boston Ballet will transform the lives of children and their parents by giving children of all abilities the opportunity to explore movement, music and creativity.

Center Without Boundaries

A new model for engagement that will focus on the needs of individual and diverse communities by forging strategic partnerships between the Center and non-cultural agencies county-wide. Through these programs the Center uses its cultural resources to support the quality of life for all residents throughout the County. Many of the performances and events that happen on and off stage in the new Argyros Plaza will reflect the Center Without Boundaries’ goals and initiatives.

These three initiatives are supported by the $70 million Next Act Campaign, co-chaired by Stephen T. Fry and Lawrence M. Higby, which has secured more than $46 million to date. Instrumental to this dramatic fundraising progress is the commitment of an extraordinary $13.5 million lead gift from Julianne and George Argyros and many other generous donors.

"The power of a world-class performance to entertain and inspire, and our committment to the community, are at the heart of a bold new vision for Segerstrom Center. Our great opportunity, and motivating institutional obligation, is to know unlock the Center's full potential to effectively engage all of the wonderfully diverse communities on Orange County. By reinventing ourselves in that way, we are entering an exciting new phase in the Center's history of artistic achievement and community impact."

- Terrence W. Dwyer, president of Segerstrom Center for the Arts

A special thank you to our dedicated Capital Campaign Committee’s leadership for guiding us through this exciting time in the Center’s history. 

Capital Campaign Committee Members:
Stephen Fry – Co-Chair
Lawrence Higby – Co-Chair
Chris Callero
Jim Driscoll
John Ginger
Rick Muth
Mark Perry
Pat Poss