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Anaheim Ballet's Martini Ballet

Venue: Samueli Theater Tickets start at $20.00


Ballet served straight up…

Martini Ballet is an intoxicating look at yesterday’s tiki bar retro lounge scene. This lively and heady work is contemporary ballet stirred and shaken into a 70’s bar scene. The retro-styled Martini Ballet portrays couples and individuals in a lounge setting, loosing their inhibitions in an attempt to reveal and share their authentic selves.

Multimedia presentations, classical works and repertory pieces round out the evening, featuring Sarma Lapenieks Rosenberg’s visionary Bellum, Pax et Spes (war, peace and hope). This timely work speaks to the opposing spiritual forces of good and evil and the transcendent power of hope.

Anaheim Ballet is the official resident ballet company for the City of Anaheim.

Running time (approximate): 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission

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