Brentano Quartet
with Dawn Upshaw, Soprano


Now in its 25th year, the Brentano Quartet is known for its adventurous spirit and imaginative collaborations, combining old and new music in unique pieces for vocals and strings. Here, the quartet’s collaborator is five-time Grammy® Award winner and beloved American soprano Dawn Upshaw, who will lend her warmth and vocal dexterity to two pieces. On its own, the Brentano will offer a novel juxtaposition of a pair of works by Viennese composers, each from a different century. The Brentano – named for Antonie Brentano, whom many scholars consider to be Beethoven's mysterious "Immortal Beloved" and has been the resident string quartet at the Yale School of Music since 2014.

Mozart: String Quartet K. 465 “Dissonance”
Respighi: “Il Tramonto” (“The Sunset”) with Dawn Upshaw
Webern/Schubert: Webern Bagatelles Interspersed with Schubert Minuets, Op. 89
Schoenberg: String Quartet no. 2 with Dawn Upshaw

“Balance and intonation reach an almost unearthly level of perfection, yet there's nothing inhuman about these American musicians. And their intimate embrace is marvelous: it's as though each player is inhabiting each other’s skin.…A splendid quartet.” - The Times (London)

"Upshaw’s voice sailed at climactic sections and hid exquisitely at more intimate moments, all the while poised over the orchestra’s sensitive colorations." - The Columbus Dispatch

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