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The Painted Garden

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Venue: Samueli Theater Tickets start at $20.00


The Painted Garden is an exceptional interactive dance and multimedia shown, performed in the round, in which children are invited to accompany dancers in the world on stage, a world filled with sensors that respond to movement and sound.

Spontaneous and filled with surprising twists, the show is a memorable adventure for children where they are not only able to observe the story of the wonderful garden but also to experience it with their bodies. New interactive and multimedia technology makes it possible to record every movement on stage in the form of images and sounds.

The Painted Garden was created by Kurdish painter Rebwar Saeed. He uses the colors yellow, blue, green, and red to represent earth, water/sky, life, and love. Throughout the production, children explore colors, matter, the use of shapes and space, together with the beauty of Rebwar’s imaginary gardens. On stage two dancers create choreography inside each of the different landscapes and the public is invited to interact and live a theatrical experience based on a ‘tactile’ relationship with images and sounds. The garden proposes an aesthetic and sensorial experience, which can help develop the connections between the self and others, and a playful contact with the arts.

In Compagnie TPO’s inventive production, the stage space – with its images, sounds, and design – is the main character. Through the innovative use of technology, every show is transformed into an interactive environment where the audience can explore the boundaries between art and play. Dancers, performers and the audience interact and become an unlikely intentional community, bringing joy, color and life to what was once an empty space.

Sensory Friendly performance: May 20th at 10 a.m. To learn more, click here.
To buy tickets call 714-556-2787 or visit the box office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Join us for FREE pre-show activities before The Painted Garden

Budding artists of all ages are bound to love our pre show activities in Samueli Lobby. Help us design a unique painted garden by adding your creative mark to our chalk mural. Then cover yourself in art by creating a garden themed paper crown and getting your face painted. Be sure to arrive an hour before show time to enjoy all the fun!

Running time (approximate): 60 minutes with no intermission

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