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Mariachi Sol De Mexico

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Venue: Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall Tickets start at $29.00


Mariachi Master Jóse Hernàndez and his Sol de Mexico have a biography and history as rich and colorful as Mariachi music itself. A proud fifth generation Mariachi musician, Maestro Hernàndez’ roots trace back to 1879 to the birthplace of Mariachi, Jalisco, Mexico. Under the leadership of Hernàndez, Sol de Mexico are one of a few Mariachi in the world that perform in the classical music circuit.

No one else on the Mariachi music scene navigates the warm waters of classical, pop, jazz, swing and Broadway tunes with such grace. To listeners weaned on traditional Mariachi sounds, Jose’s organic, irreverent renditions are becoming instant classics.

Running time (approximate): 2 hours

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