“With no ifs or buts, the Schumanns are among the best quartets in the world” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“This was music-making of the highest order.”—The Guardian

Erik Schumann, violin
Ken Schumann, violin
Veit Hertenstein, viola
Mark Schumann, cello

Who knows you better than a sibling? Hardly anyone. So it’s no surprise that the Schumann Quartet has a special connection audiences and critics savor. This German ensemble consists of three brothers—Erik, Ken, and Mark Schumann—and violist Veit Hertenstein.

Having been playing together since their earliest childhood, the musicians enjoy the way they communicate without words. Although the individual personalities clearly manifest themselves, a common space arises in every musical work, creating one cohesive sound for the group.

The ensemble’s openness and curiosity makes for a thrilling and unforgettable experience for the audience. “A work really develops only in a live performance,” the quartet says. “That is ‘the real thing’, because we ourselves never know what will happen. On the stage, all imitation disappears, and you automatically become honest with yourself. Then you can create a bond with the audience – communicate with it in music.”

Enjoy a performance of unexpected and unknown beauty with the Schumann Quartet.