Join us on the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza for a free concert from Danie before Les Misérables. Danie is a Mexican American, independent, multifaceted artist from Los Angeles, CA. She is a vocalist, musician, producer & creates by stream of consciousness. Her current sound is a mix of 60's Soul, Retro 70s rock, and a little 90's R&B. She is known for her stage presence and sultry soulful vocals. Danie hypnotizes her audience through sensuality & lyrics, while simultaneously emitting the energy of a rock star.

In 2018, she lent her vocals on Chicano Batman's frontman, Bardo Martinez's 2018 single ""Bad Education"" Shortly after she was featured on his next single titled ""Summer”. She was requested by Dr. Marten's to be a part of their LA Latinx Indie Music scene - mini documentary. She began getting requested to open for artists such as Chicago based artist Kaina, Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman, and Divino Niño as their opener on the last 5 dates of their Fall ""Beso* 2022 tour, along with co-headliners Little Jesus.

Savor delicious food and refreshing drinks from George’s Café and enjoy the sweet melodies of this free pre-show performance!