“Amy Tan has a wonderful eye for what is telling, a fine ear for dialogue, a deep empathy for her subject matter … they sing with a rare fidelity and beauty.” - The New York Times

Amy Tan is best known as the author of The Joy Luck Club, which was made into a successful film, as well as five other novels, a memoir, and two children’s books. Her work often focuses on Chinese mother and their daughters, derived from her own experience.

She was born to Chinese parents who emigrated to the Bay Area to escape the Chinese Civil War. There were dark secrets for Tan to discover, many of which found their way into her writing and make her books so compelling.

Tan’s novels are all New York Times bestsellers and her memoir, two children’s books, and numerous magazine articles enjoy popular acclaim. Today she’s the subject of a PBS documentary and is still sought after for what she has to say about writing, families, and the trauma and resilience that shaped her.

This will be an exceptional opportunity to hear Tan share what made her who she is as a writer.