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Tuesday Night Dance

Presented by presented by
Venue: Julianne and George Argyros Plaza Tickets start at $10.00


Capoeira makes its Plaza debut! Martial arts meet dance in this unique style, originally developed in the 1500s by enslaved West Africans in Brazil. Unable to openly practice fighting techniques, enslaved Africans passed on these skills and traditions by camouflaging them with music, singing, and dance. This innovative and rhythmic new art form became what we know today as capoeira.

Join us on Tuesdays in August for a month of this free-flowing blend of dance and martial arts, led by Instructor Mosquito from ABADÁ-Capoeira. Tuesday Night Dance is fun, upbeat, and designed for all ages and abilities—no dance experience required!

Safety Precautions:
Check-in will be contactless and hand sanitizer stations will be accessible throughout the Plaza.

Audience Advisory:

Masks strongly encouraged.

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