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Havana Cuba All-Stars: Asere!

Presented by presented by
Venue: Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall Tickets start at $28.00


Havana Cuba All-Stars
featuring Banda Asere and Dancers from Identidad

Part of the Eclectic Orange Series, sponsored by Judith and Howard Jelinek

Back by popular demand! Comprised of Cuba’s greatest and most prominent musicians and backed by three of Cuba’s finest dancing couples, the high-energy Havana Cuba All-Stars bring a joyous celebration of Cuban music and dance styles, showcasing a wide variety of infectious Cuban rhythms and melodies, from the cha cha to the rumba and from “Son Cubano” style to the salsa.

Drawing their inspiration from traditional Cuban music, seven young musicians formed Asere in the 1990s to create roots music with a contemporary feel while respectfully maintaining the style and passion of the music of their forefathers. Retaining acoustic instruments, they wrote new songs and inventive arrangements, developing a sound for a new generation, and delivered it with an explosive punch. Their fresh energy, endearing personality and powerful performances soon attracted attention in France and the UK. From there, Asere went on to perform all over the world, from Norway to Sri Lanka. After a successful debut tour of the U.S. in 2016 with the Havana Cuba All-Stars show, the band returns with special guests from the dance group Identidad.

First Set
Corazon - Bolero-Son
Vengan Todos a Bailar el Son - Son
Cacha Cha Cha Chá - Cha Cha Chá
Mi Changui - Changuí
La Flor y la Hoja Seca - Nueva Trova
Luz que no Alumbra - Son
Quitate que Vengo - Pilón

Second Set
Canto a Eleggua & Yemaya / Decir Asere - Afrocuban / Guaguancó
Debajo de un Alamo - Nueva Trova
Mercedes - Trova Son
Tumbao Sangreao - Son
Habanera - Son Guaracha

Michel Padron - Musical Director / 1st Trumpet
Vicente Arencibia - Congas / Lead Vocal /Hand Percussion
Adolfo Florian - Tres / Guitar / Vocal
Yoan Sanchez - Timbales / Bongos
Eney Aranda - Congas / Bongos / Lead Vocal
Ricardo Fernandez - Lead Vocal /Hand Percussion
Daniel Carnago - Tres / Vocal
Eikel Venegas - Trombone/ 2nd Trumpet/Vocal
Abel Sanabria - Electric Bass / Double Bass
Leonardo Bea - Percussion / Guitar
Jenny Padron - 1st Violin
Jorge Quevedo - 2nd Violin

Barbarito Montagne, Director & Lead Dancer
Yoslen Carvajal
Lety Sanchez
Marisel Morffi
Daimel Gonzalez

Running time (approximate): 2 hours and 8 minutes

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