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Bus rebates

On Stage at the Center's busing rebates are made available for schools to encourage you to bring your students to enjoy the power of live performances at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, the Center is able to provide a rebate to qualifying schools.

Busing rebates are available to cover the expense of busing (up to $450 per bus, maximum of 3 buses per school, per performance). Our guidelines for rebate submissions are listed below. Unfulfilled requirements will prevent your school from receiving the rebate.

Busing rebates will be administered in the form of a check after the event. Rebate disbursements cannot be awarded prior to fully completing the steps below. Each school is responsible for making its transportation arrangements and full payment to the bus service provider. Rebate checks will be made payable to schools or PTAs.



  • Complete the online bus rebate form in a timely manner following performance. Link and instructions will be provided following the performance. (Not accepted after June 14, 2024).
  • Include a copy of the bus payment receipt (please show number of busses) with your online submission. Bus estimates and/or invoices are not accepted.
  • Each teacher attending the performance must also complete the online evaluation (link and instructions will be provided along with the rebate link).
  • It is your responsibility to contact Segerstrom Center's On Stage at the Center department if you have questions regarding the rebate program. Rebates will be issued when each guideline has been met. Unfortunately, we cannot issue retroactive or cumulative payments.

Bus rebate information will be emailed to your school contact following the performance.

Questions? Email bus-ins@SCFTA.org


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