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Field Trips to the Center

Bring Your Students to a Performance

Distinguished performing arts companies from around the world present educational programming to local students. These shows are designed as a starting point to stimulate greater understanding and appreciation of the performing arts. Teacher and student activity guides are developed for each event to continue the learning experience after the performance.

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Free School tours


Free School tours

Tours of the Center

Segerstrom Center for the Arts welcomes students to take free docent-lead tours and to learn about its history while exploring backstage and behind-the-scenes areas.  You’ll experience architectural splendor and technological wonders first hand.  Tours give you a real ‘insiders’ look into the star-studded world of theater, music and dance.  You’ll often have the opportunity to walk on the stages where many of the most famous actors and actresses, singers and dancers have performed.  Tours can be tailored to suit the needs of your student population!
(A tour geared for children and youth may be booked for groups of students, grades 3 and above.)

For availability, reservations or more information,
call (714) 556-2122, ext. 4365 or email tours@SCFTA.org


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