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Side Street Strutters


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The Side Street Strutters have been delighting Disneyland audiences, theatergoers and students with their high-energy shows and student outreach programs since 1983.  Their repertoire covers a half century of classic American Jazz including Blues, New Orleans Dixieland, Swing, and Popular Jazz.  Their school programs are designed with content specific to each grade level and cover topics such as improvisation, Jazz styles, Jazz history and introductions to musical instruments. 

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Discover a diverse repertoire of musical styles including Jazz, R&B, Motown and Pop as saxophonist Rob Verdi leads this powerful ensemble which includes electric guitar/banjo, electric bass, drums and vocals. Musical selections are chosen for each grade level as the 5-piece band will feature different Jazz styles, explain the creative process of improvisation, and introduce the musical instruments being showcased on stage. A lucky student might even get to conduct the band! 

1 Assembly - $1,145
2 Assemblies - $1,445
3 Assemblies - $1,645

Capacity: 350

Availability: In-Person

Master musician Rob Verdi from the Side street Strutters Jazz Band introduces students to the history of Jazz music and it's influence on popular music using his extensive collection of Saxophones. You will be tapping your toes to memorable tunes as Rob performs on instruments ranging from big and small to the surprising and unusual! 

1 Assembly - $400


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