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Renée Ortiz Renée Ortiz

Renée Ortiz


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Renee is a California contemporary artist passionate about sharing her love of art with others.  As a working artist, she continually explores a multitude of mediums and the artists who master them. As an educator, Renee appreciates the way in which people learn from and build upon the work of their predecessors and contemporaries. She guides her students to find these connections and then to use this information in building their own artistic paths. She believes that everyone has a unique way of seeing the world and teaches students to be true to theirs.

Students close their eyes and envision in their minds a place that brings relaxation, peace, or has special meaning. Renée then guides them in using paints to bring this place to life resulting in an original art piece that can serve as a daily reminder to take a moment to relax and remember the place that is special to them.

First 60 Minute Workshop - $200
Each Additional 60 Minute Workshop - $150

Materials: $3.00 Per Students

Capacity: 35 Students

Availability: In-Person or Virtually


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