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Renée Ortiz Renée Ortiz

Renée Ortiz


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Renee is a California contemporary artist passionate about sharing her love of art with others.  As a working artist, she continually explores a multitude of mediums and the artists who master them. As an educator, Renee appreciates the way in which people learn from and build upon the work of their predecessors and contemporaries. She guides her students to find these connections and then to use this information in building their own artistic paths. She believes that everyone has a unique way of seeing the world and teaches students to be true to theirs.

Join Renée on a journey of exploration as she shares the history of notable artists and the tools and techniques they use to create. She will answer questions like “where does red come from?”, “what makes this paint so goopy?” and “can I really draw with metal?”. In this interactive residency students will be encouraged to engage their curiosity through art. Renee will share a variety of experiences, helping students to build their creative toolbox and develop a lifelong love of art.

To book a residency, contact Arts Teach at: or call (714) 556-2122 ext. 4310

Mini-Residency - $135 per Session per Class
Residency - $110 per Session per Class

Capacity: 35 Students

Availability: Year Round

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