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Pacific Trio Pacific Trio

Pacific Trio



Virtuoso musicians representing Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Northern China will enchant your students with traditional music, stories, and instruments from China.

Technical Requirements

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Pacific Trio presents a lively, touching, and exciting performance of traditional music from China using the Zither, Pipa, Dizi, Er-Hu, and several other authentic instruments. Students will learn about Chinese history and language, and will even hear a moral story about resolving conflicts peacefully. With music that ranges from portraying war to portraying love, these three master musicians will enthrall audiences in every way. 

1 Assembly - $970
2 Assemblies - $1,070
3 Assemblies - $1,170

Disclaimer: Additional $290.00 for shows outside Orange and Los Angeles Counties 

Capacity: 350

Availability: In-Person

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