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Markus Tracy Markus Tracy

Markus Tracy


Some Programs Available Virtually


Markus Tracy works with educational and civic institutions using the visual arts as a vehicle for empowering individuals and communities at-large to make positive choices fostering tolerance and respect. He uses the visual arts as a positive outlet for artistic expression and community dialogue. 

School and community murals not only offer an aesthetic appeal but also empower students and communities to make positive choices by building tolerance, respect, and understanding. Murals can also help stimulate dialogue and awareness concerning school/civic pride, issues related to bullying and acceptance, embracing cultural equity and diversity, environmentalism, and lastly, finding common ground through conflict resolution. 

To book a residency, contact Arts Teach at: or call (714) 556-2122 ext. 4310

Mini-Residency - $135 per Session per Class
Residency - $110 per Session per Class

Capacity: 35 Students

Availability: In Person or Virtually

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