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Dancing Storytellers Dancing Storytellers

Dancing Storytellers


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Workshop Residency


The dancing storytellers specialize in South Asian dances and stories with humor and theatricality.  Their assembly program, “Indian Mythology and Me,” delights students with mythical legends and stories.  Their workshop, “Dancing in the Rain,” highlights South Asia's geography and weather patterns through Bollywood dance. And, their residency series, "South Asian Dances," gives a lively introduction to various dances and cultural celebrations.

In this multi-week residency, students are introduced to a variety of dances and cultural celebrations from South Asia in relation to the changing seasons including Bhangra, Bharatanatyam and more!

To book a residency, contact Arts Teach at: or call (714) 556-2122 ext. 4310

Short term (3-10 sessions): $145 per Session per Class
Long term (11+ sessions): $130 per Session per Class

Capacity: 35 Students

Availability: Year Round


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