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Chantrell M. Lewis Chantrell M. Lewis

Chantrell M. Lewis



Esteemed theatrical actor, classical singer, and nationally recognized performance poet Chantrell M. Lewis, MFA, takes a culturally responsive approach in utilizing storytelling to explore the fundamentals of theater development for early learners.

Theater Through Storytelling allows early learners the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of acting, song, and physicality through storytelling. Verbal storytelling is the age-old tradition of using thoughts, words, gestures, images, and sound to give voice to narratives. Utilizing guided play and dramatic experiences, this program's core is creating, performing, responding, and connecting. 

To book a residency, contact Arts Teach at: or call (714) 556-2122 ext. 4310

Mini-Residency - $135 per session, per class
Residency - $110 per session, per class

Capacity: 35 Students

Availability: In-Person 


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