Arts Teach

Terms and Conditions

Travel Fees

A travel fee of $45.00 will be charged to schools and organizations located more than 40 miles away from Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Schools or organizations located more than 60 miles away may incur a higher rate.  All travel fees will be disclosed prior to making a final confirmation.

Waiting Fees

If scheduling multiple engagements in a single day, additional fees are charged for breaks longer than 60 minutes. All waiting fees will be disclosed prior to making a final confirmation.

Evening and Weekend Rates

Engagements scheduled at 5:00pm or later on weekdays or anytime on weekends may incur higher fees. Final cost will be disclosed prior to making a final confirmation.

Rescheduling and Cancellations: Assemblies and Workshops

After confirming your reserved date, at least 7 days notice is required to reschedule or cancel. 

Reservations rescheduled or canceled within 7 days of the reserved date for any reason other than weather or Force Majeure are subject to 50% of the total fee.  Reservations rescheduled or canceled for ANY reason within 72 hours of the reserved date are subject to 100% of the fee. If the performance is to be held outdoors, it is the school’s responsibility to monitor the forecast and cancel or reschedule at least 72 hours in advance due to likelihood of inclement or dangerous weather.  

Rescheduling and Cancellations: Residencies

After confirming your residency schedule, the last day to cancel or reschedule without penalty is 7 days prior to the first week and 48 hours prior to each residency date thereafter.

Live Virtual Bookings

Live virtual assemblies, workshops, and residencies must be hosted through a meeting link created by a school official or authorized adult.

By accepting these terms, you confirm that your school or organization has attained verifiable parental consent for each student participating in any live virtual booking in compliance with the COPPA Act.


Arts Teach accepts payment in the form of checks only. Do not give payment to the artist. Full payment must be mailed 15 days in advance of your reserved date and should be made payable to:

Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Attn: Education Department 
600 Town Center Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Once you confirm the booking, an invoice will be sent to you. Please include that invoice with your payment. If your organization has a strict policy of withholding payment until services are rendered, please submit a purchase order to Segerstrom Center 15 days in advance of your reserved date.  If your organization needs more time to process the payment, notify Arts Teach prevent the booking from being cancelled. 

Contracts and Agreements

If your school district or organization requires an independent contractor agreement, hold harmless agreement, or similar paperwork from the Center, please let us know as soon as possible. It can take up to several weeks to finalize paperwork so be sure to check how far in advance you need these documents from us.


If you require a certificate of insurance, please let us know as soon as possible and provide us with your school or district's insurance policy requirements.

Background Checks

All Arts Teach performers and teaching artists have undergone an FBI background check and have been cleared.


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