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Easy steps to a successful program

1. Select Your Artist

Look through our artist roster and choose the artist best suited for your grades or events. We recommend that you consult with your principal and the teachers for suggestions. And don't forget to review the artist's technical requirements to ensure you are able to accommodate the performance. The Center’s Arts Teach staff is also available to make suggestions based on your school’s interests and/or past participation.

2. Identify Available Dates and Times

Check your school’s master calendar and choose at least three open date options. Decide how many performances are needed, with a maximum of 350 students per performance. Assemblies are 45 minutes long and workshops are up to 60 minutes long. If you have multiple performances, please allow 15 to 30 minutes between them so you can bring in the next group of students and the artists can rest.

3. Contact Arts Teach

Now that you have identified your artist, dates, and times, now it's time to connect with Arts Teach by email or submit an online booking request form. Once we have your information, Arts Teach will work with the artist to see which of your dates work best.

If your school or district requires any paperwork such as contracts, agreements, or a certificate of insurance please let us know as soon as possible as these items can take additional time to complete.

4. Confirm

After the artist selects one of your dates, they will tentatively hold it for one week. Arts Teach will send you an email that itemizes each detail of your booking: Artist, Date, Time, Price, Technical Requirements, and any other relevant information. If all the information is correct, reply to the email that you confirm and Arts Teach will send you a final invoice and schedule sheet.

5. Before Your Program

Payment is due at least 15 days prior to your confirmed date. The artist will contact you at least 7 days prior to your confirmed date to review the schedule and go over logistics.

6. The Day of Your Program

Arrange to meet the artist when they arrive and escort them to be checked in at your main office, give them instructions for loading, and direct them to the performance area. Artists usually arrive at least 30 minutes before the first performance.

Make sure your students are in their seats and ready to view the performance at the confirmed start times. Enjoy the show!

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