Education & Community Programs

Professional Growth Opportunities

Whether you are a student who has not yet begun your career or you are a working professional, Segerstrom Center for the Arts offers a variety of growth opportunities. 



Segerstrom Center for the Arts' paid internship program offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain professional experience working side-by-side with administrators, extraordinary artists, and technicians The Center offers academic (for credit) paid internships in both the fall and spring as well as paid (no credit offered) summer internship opportunities. All of Segerstrom Center’s internships are arts administration based. 

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Backstage Shadowing

Segerstrom Center's shadowing programs offer students the opportunity to see backstage work in action. Taking advantage of our world-class performances and professional crew, students will observe what a career in the technical side of the performing arts really takes. 

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Professional Development for Teachers

Segerstrom Center believes that the arts are an essential tool for teachers. Learn more about Arts Avenues to Learning, our existing program for teaching credential candidates at Cal State Fullerton, or work with us directly to create a program for your school or district teachers.

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Employee Professional Development

Use the arts as a professional growth tool for employees in any industry. Segerstrom Center's Education Department will work with you to create a program to suit your needs and book professional teaching artists who will come to your workplace.

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