Studio D: Arts School for All Abilities


Form community, grow, and find joy at Studio D

Our classes take place in the dance studios at the Center. They are led by professional teaching artists and licensed occupational, physical, and speech therapists. Class age groups include Kinder, ages 4–7; Youth, ages 8–12; Teen, ages 13–17; and Adult, ages 18+. Trained volunteers are also a part of every class, providing an additional layer of support and encouragement. 

Class sizes are set at 8-12 students. 

Studio D class

Class elements

Welcome: To greet one another and prepare for class

Explore: To awaken the imagination with imagery and introduce the concept of the day

Warm-Up: To warm-up the body or voice

Music: To practice new learning through music

Create: To build on the concept of the day and practice technical skills

Reflect: To affirm today’s experience

Celebrate: To spread joy and build community

Class Curriculums

Our classes offer students the opportunity to exercise, engage with their peers, and develop an appreciation for the arts.


Dance & Music

Led by a dance instructor and musician, students will learn several dance and music concepts that will encourage self-expression and creative choice making. The dance teacher leads movement exercises that develop the students' balance, endurance, mind-body connectivity. Additionally, the musician teaches various music concepts. All exercises are adaptable and the instructors tailor their lessons to the students' abilities. Classes offered for Kinder, Youth, Teen, and Adult groups (ages 4+).

Studio D Spring show
Studio D Spring show

Musical Theater

Led by a vocal coach and dance instructor, students will explore the three components of musical theater—singing, dancing, and acting. Each class focuses on Broadway-style choreography, interactive theater games, and vocal techniques. Additionally, the class will learn songs and choreography from a specific musical during the session. Class offered for Youth, Teen, and Adult groups (ages 8+).


Led by theater instructors and accompanied by a Speech Language Pathologist, students will learn the art of acting! From studying monologues, to rehearsing scenes with their fellow actors and diving into character embodiment, the Theater class is focused fun that allows the students to explore and exist outside their worlds. Additionally, the class will learn content from a specific body of work each session. Class offered for Adult students (ages 18+).

Studio D - students
Studio D students


Health & Safety: The following protocols are currently in place for all Studio D classes 

  • All equipment is disinfected after each use
  • Class sizes are small to allow for physical distancing
  • A minimum of fifteen minutes in between classes to let the air circulate properly before a new class may enter
  • Faculty, volunteers, and students who have any illness-related symptoms, even minor, are asked to stay home from class 



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