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Our mission

To create an intentionally inclusive space for students of all abilities to explore and develop their full creative potential through high quality, joyful arts instruction.

Student goals:

  • Encourage confident exploration
  • Focus on capabilities and growth
  • Foster joy in community and peer connection
  • Celebrate our students' interests

Enroll in Studio D

Our classes offer students, ages 4 and up, the opportunity to exercise, engage with their peers, and develop an appreciation for the arts.

Age groups include

Kinder, ages 4-7
Youth, ages 8-12
Teen, ages 13-17
Adult, ages 18+

Class size is set at 10 participants to ensure tailored and personalized instruction.

Studio D classes
Studio D - students

Class elements

Welcome: To greet one another and prepare for class

Explore: To awaken the imagination with imagery and introduce the concept of the day

Warm-Up: To warm-up the body or voice 

Music: To practice new learning through music

Create: To build on the concept of the day and practice technical skills

Reflect: To affirm today’s experience

Celebrate: To spread joy and build community

See Dance & Music Classes

Dance & music

Led by a dance instructor and musician, students will learn several dance and music concepts that will encourage self-expression and creative choice making. Offered for ages 4+.

See Musical Theater Classes

Musical theater

Led by a vocal coach and dance instructor, students will explore the three components of musical theater—singing, dancing, and acting. Offered for ages 8+.

Studio D Faculty

Meet the team that makes the magic happen!

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In the news

 Segerstrom Center renames arts school for children with disabilities by The Orange County Register

Segerstrom Center renames school for children with disabilities by The Orange County Register

Segerstrom Center for the Arts announced that its School of Dance and Music for Children with Disabilities has been renamed Studio D: Arts School for All Abilities.

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Named one of 7 Virtual Summer Activities Perfect for Kids with Disabilities by Yahoo! Life

Named one of 7 Virtual Summer Activities Perfect for Kids with Disabilities by Yahoo! Life

Kids with disabilities get the chance to learn new skills and have fun participating in new activities. Because of COVID-19, summer camp will look a bit different this year.

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Studio D named BEST SPECIAL NEEDS CAMP/ACTIVITY by Parenting OC magazine

Studio D named Best Special Needs Camp/Activity by Parenting OC magazine

The school's mission is to "create a space for students of all abilities to explore their full physical, social and creative potential through high-quality, joyful instruction." 

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Cathy Tiquia, Parent
Thank you! Thank you for everything!...As the mother of a 6 year old with Down syndrome who has fought tirelessly for full inclusion on every level, I LOVE that you…thought of doing something like this!...Music, dance, and art offer a medium for special needs children to express themselves more easily. That is why I think your program is so amazing! [My daughter] LOVED the class, she told everyone the rest of the weekend that she was a ballerina!
Parent of student in Youth, Musical Theatre class
This is an excellent musical theatre class for my child. He has ADHD and regular classroom instruction is a struggle and challenge. Performing arts provide a safe, nonjudgmental place for him to express himself. The Studio D teachers are so talented and patient. We are so happy with and grateful for this class.
Marleena Barber, Director, VSA Orange County
While specialized instruction is important for students with disabilities, inclusive arts programming facilitates modes of communication and self-advocacy. Inclusive settings also foster empathy, confidence and a sense of belonging among typical peers. VSA Orange County applauds Segerstrom Center’s Studio D for their efforts to provide high quality arts programming for artists of all abilities.
Parent of student in Youth, Dance & Music class
All of the teachers and volunteers really care about the kids and get to know them individually. Music, song, and dance are so important to a person's development and this program allows my son to experience the arts in a way that he would not be able to do in a typical class.
Parent of student in Adult, Dance & Music class
Thank you for offering my son this experience of Dance & Music class. He doesn’t say much about his experiences but he came home happy – his only comment was ‘you were right, it was a quick class’ – which for him is the highest form of praise, the time seemed short because he was interested and engaged.


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Parking and directions

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Studio D is made possible, in large part, by founders Eileen J. Cirillo and Corey & Leslie Leyton. Segerstrom Center for the Arts applauds the following additional donors for their generous support:

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bergman

Allan* and Sandy Fainbarg

Mrs. Patricia S. Felbinger

Ms. Diane Froot

Ms. Victoria Hutton

Dale Landon and Carole Haes Landon

Mr. and Mrs. Jason MacRae

David and Molly Pyott Foundation

Sound of Music chapter of The Guilds of the Center



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