Coollab Festival Returns!

Summer is here and we want to turn down the heat with a night of cool music you’re sure to remember. This year, the annual Coollab Festival returns to the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza on July 23 for a night of amazing performers including Samy Love, ALäZ, Rocky Angelini, Cameo Adele, Apollo Bebop and The New Hippies. 

The Coollab Project started as an open mic night at 4th Street Market in Santa Ana with the purpose of exposing the surrounding community to amazing local artists. The project's founder, ALäZ, was inspired to create a group that could create cool collaborations through music that provide opportunities to learn, grow, and connect in a diverse and secure community. Since the group’s inception, the Coollab Project has furthered their mission by continuing their regularly scheduled open mic nights and adding an annual evening of incredible collaborative music on the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza.

In celebration of the project’s success, Coollab Festival shares music from local fan favorites like Samy Love, a vocalist hailing from Santa Ana who uses her poetic style to share messages of tragedy, justice and familial love in both English and Spanish. The festival also touts Southern California native Cameo Adele, an acclaimed musician with deep familial roots in music and jazzy, avant-garde vocals. Tied together with her raw, earthy aesthetic, Cameo Adele's performances are a true hidden gem of the indie music world. While Coollab founder ALäZ brings some further hip-hop sounds from his hometown of Macon, Georgia, his influence on the music culture of Orange County is unmatched and can be heard throughout the stylings of the artists taking the stage on July 23!

Coollab Lineup

4:00 PM – Welcome & opening set with DJ Mandoh

4:30 PM – Samy Love - Santa Ana

5:05 PM – Alaz

5:40 PM – Rocky Angelini

6:05 PM – Intermission

6:45 PM – Cameo Adele

7:20 PM – Apollo Bebop

7:55 PM – The New Hippies

Coollab Festival
Coollab Festival

For a sneak preview of this year’s Coollab Festival and the amazing music coming to the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza, check out our Coollab Festival playlist on Segerstrom Center’s Spotify! Search “SegerstromArts” on Spotify or click HERE to listen!


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