This or That: Where Have I Heard Pink Martini’s Music? 

On January 12, acclaimed music group Pink Martini performs inside Segerstrom Hall with their distinctive blend of music influences in nearly 25 languages! 

Drawing inspiration from various genres including classical, jazz, and old-fashioned pop, Pink Martini has toured the globe and recorded several records that have been featured countless times in tv and film. Whether or not you realize it, you’ve probably heard quite a few of Pink Martini’s songs just by watching some of your favorite shows and movies! 

Want to try your best to guess a few shows that Pink Martini songs have appeared in? 

ER television show poster


Sopranos television show poster

B) The Sopranos

White Lotus television show poster

A) The White Lotus

Love is Blind television show poster

B) Love is Blind

The Goldbergs television show poster

A) The Goldbergs

Parks and Recreation television show poster

B) Parks and Recreation

The West Wing television show poster

A) The West Wing

Blue Bloods television show poster

B) Blue Bloods

Riverdale television show poster

A) Riverdale

Scream Queens television show poster

B) Scream Queens

90210 television show poster

A) 90210

The Umbrella Academy television show poster

B) The Umbrella Academy

The Blacklist television show poster

A) The Blacklist

Scandal television show poster

B) Scandal

Sherlock television show poster

A) Sherlock

One Tree Hill television show poster

B) One Tree Hill

It’s true! Pink Martini’s music appears in an impressive list of television shows like Parks and Recreation, The Sopranos, and Scream Queens. “Sympathique,” one of Pink Martini’s most well-known songs, is frequently used in tv scenes set in Paris, and “Ninna Nanna” and “Una Notte a Napoli” helped transport viewers to Italy during The White Lotus’s wildly popular Season 2.

Soon, Pink Martini brings their sensational multilingual music to the Center for an incredible concert featuring lead singer China Forbes and over a dozen musicians. The Times calls Pink Martini “one of the world’s most elegant live bands,” and The Washington Post praises their work for being “rich, approachable music, utterly cosmopolitan yet utterly unpretentious.” For tickets and information on Pink Martini’s performance inside Segerstrom Hall on January 12, click here


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