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Every day, people walk through the Julianne and George Argyros Plaza to pose for family photos, selfies, or their next viral pet photo. We’ve even been witness to high school prom students, college graduates, and bridal parties choosing Segerstrom Center as the backdrop to mark their important milestones.

When approaching Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ campus, the view is breathtaking. This 5-acre land is home to some amazing architectural landmarks, creative public art sculptures, and an even more incredible history that many people might not know…yet.

Children standing inside the
Center Docent leading a tour in Segerstrom Hall

The return of public tours 

In May of 2021, Segerstrom Center’s docent-led tour program expanded by offering outdoor tours to re-engage with the public after the year-long, pandemic-related shutdown. This unique tour provided a new perspective of the magnificent arts campus as we waited for our favorite indoor productions to return, and in August 2021, our full tours that explore both indoor and outdoor spaces resumed. Throughout the years that docent-led tours have existed, thousands of attendees have enjoyed discovering information about the Center that they could only find out on our tours. 

Segerstrom Center's team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer docents lead guests through the history of Segerstrom Center, sharing architectural details and exploring backstage in our beautiful venues. Guests get to take a moment and appreciate the thoughtful approach to the design of venues like the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, learn about the six Orange County arts organizations that call the Segerstrom Center for the Arts campus their home, and see first-hand Henry Segerstrom’s the vision for a cultural arts hub in Coast Mesa, CA.  

“It is so rewarding and life-affirming to guide our visitors through the crown jewel we have in the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. It’s a very unique experience with a lasting impression that we can offer our visitors.”  

–Pat Petric, Center docent 

“Thank you for the eye-opening experience at [the Renee and Henry] Segerstrom Concert Hall. An important thing I learned was about how much the architecture affects the sound. It is a beautiful hall and while having the tour, I tried imagining myself playing there someday. This was a great experience.”  

–Sophia, middle school student 

Sharing a love for the arts 

The tour also gives us an opportunity to connect not only with Segerstrom Center, but with each other.  

“The docent program is special because it shares the wonders of Segerstrom Center for the Arts with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Music, dance, theater, and all of the arts bring people together. It is a universal language and needs to be shared.” 

–Barbara Montz, Center docent 


“My neighbor and I enjoyed the most wonderful tour. It was both interesting and information and we were delighted to learn the history of the Center. We loved it all! Any future performances we attend at the Center will certainly have more meaning for us since taking your tour. The docents were wonderful ambassadors for the Center and you are truly fortunate to have them share their knowledge and enthusiasm about this cultural jewel in Orange County. Thank you for a most enjoyable morning!” 

–Roberta, local resident

So, the next time you visit Segerstrom Center for the Arts and take those beautiful selfies, get a group photo with friends and family, or catch the latest and greatest performance, you can also capture a piece of a legendary story to help fill your frame.  


Public tours are offered most weekends—with occasional weekday public tours available as well—at no cost. Space is limited, so make your tour reservation online today.  

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