What Our Interns Say

Our interns leave the program more confident in themselves, more knowledgeable about the industry and more connected. Hear what they have to say about their time with us!

A Day in the Life of an Intern

Do you wonder what it is like to work as an intern at Segerstrom Center? Check out these videos from our Spring 2022 interns!

Interns Day in the Life - Emily Pearce

Interns Day in the Life - Hailey

Interns Day in the Life - Claire

Interns Day in the Life - Mari

Jarod, 2022

"I have loved my time at SCFTA. I learned so much about arts administration and this internship has made me feel confident that this is the career path I want to pursue."  

Randall, 2021

"The level of engagement for interns at the Center in particular exceeded my expectations. I loved being part of this community, and feel like I added value to the organization just as it provided value to me. I managed new projects, made new friends, and am so thankful for all the lessons and resources I am leaving with."  

Sierra, 2021

"I had an incredible experience at my internship here. I would highly recommend it to anyone! I feel so honored to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity."  

Olivia, 2018

"I am so grateful to everyone who works at the Center; everyone made me feel truly welcomed and supported throughout the internship. Many of the employees were very generous and took time out of their busy schedules to meet with me to delve deeper into learning more about the work here at the Center. It was tremendous to feel included and encouraged as an intern." 

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