Henry T. Segerstrom Memorial Fund




It is with enduring gratitude that Segerstrom Center for the Arts remembers its Founding Chairman, Henry T. Segerstrom.

Mr. Segerstrom’s cultural achievements are many and widespread. He was a visionary leader who believed that all people should have inexhaustible opportunities to experience world class performing arts, visual arts and architecture. Mr. Segerstrom also never ceased imagining new and exciting projects that would increase the cultural resources and opportunities available to the community he loved so dearly.

This campus would not be the arts center we know and love today were it not for the incredible vision, leadership and generosity of Henry Segerstrom. Mr. Segerstrom once expressed the hope that Orange County would take its place as a cultural mecca. “I believe in my own heart that in our lifetimes, we are put on the earth to do more than just make ourselves happy. We should do something to help others. Now is the time for us to pay ahead so someone else can enjoy it." His life now stands as a testament to that passionate belief that arts enhance each person’s life and contribute invaluably to the quality of life of a community.

We can now take great comfort, pride and inspiration in the fact that with each artist gracing our stages, each attendee thrilled by a great performance, and each child motivated by an arts education program, that Henry’s legacy will live on. His many contributions to the cultural life of Orange County are unmatched and will be enjoyed by so many for generations to come.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the entire Segerstrom Family. Henry Segerstrom will be forever remembered with great respect, gratitude and fondness, and we will celebrate his many accomplishments with every performance.


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