In The Community


Our partnerships with Camp Pendleton

Military Families

This year alone over 5,500 military families have been impacted by the Center’s programs. From captivating performances to hands-on workshops, Marines from Camp Pendleton and their family members are given opportunities to bond as they deal with the burdens of having a loved one prepare for and transition from deployment.


Our partnership with Children's Hospital of Orange County

Children’s Hospital Orange County

The arts have the power to help those dealing with illness or express that which may be too difficult to convey verbally.  Our teaching artists visit patients and deliver therapeutic arts programs that remain with the individual well after the program has concluded. 


Our partnership with AIDS Services Foundation

AIDS Services Foundation:

Youth affected by HIV/AIDS often feel they don’t have a voice in the community because of the secrecy that often accompanies the condition. A program of visual arts and dance empowers this group to express themselves in a way that might not otherwise be possible.


Our Cal State Fullerton Partnership

California State University, Fullerton Partnership:

Many teacher preparation programs spend a minimum amount of time training their student teachers on how to use the arts in their classrooms. Through a partnership with CSUF, the Center provides training for student teachers and the master teachers they work with to learn to integrate the arts with other subject areas.


Our partnership with Alzheimer's Orange County

Alzheimer's Orange County

In partnership with Alzheimer’s Orange County, the Center brings music and movement to early-stage Alzheimer’s patients and their family members and caregivers. This program aims to improve quality of life and provides opportunities for positive social interaction and learning.


City of Costa Mesa

City of Costa Mesa

As the "City of the Arts," Costa Mesa partners with the Center to increase opportunities for access to the arts throughout the city. By focusing on arts awareness and supporting signature art events, the Center showcases local community artists from our hometown.


City of Santa Ana

City of Santa Ana

The neighboring City of Santa Ana is a cultural asset in Orange County. As part of this partnership, the Center has worked with the city to give local artists the tools they need to effectively communicate their brand and connect them to creative employment opportunities.


El Centro Cultural de Mexico

El Centro Cultural de Mexico

El Centro Cultural De Mexico provides cultural, educational, and artistic opportunities to residents of Santa Ana. The Center works with El Centro Cultural de Mexico to preserve and promote Mexican culture throughout Santa Ana while helping to present community events like Noche de Altares, and Dia Del Niño.




This new partnership provides quality, experiential learning through theater workshops for foster youth in Orange County as a way to explore their bright futures.


Our Partnership with the community

Community Events:

The Center provides artists to perform at and lead hands-on art activities at a wide number of community events and festivals, many of which celebrate the diverse mixture of cultures in Southern California.  Participating in these events gives us the chance to learn about our neighbors from many parts of the community, while they become exposed to art forms from around the world.