2017-2018 - RESIDENCIES

Explore world cultures, discover a story in movement or celebrate an American classic. Our roster of internationally renowned dance artists brings the best the world has to offer to your school or event.

A GAELIC GATHERING This ensemble of talented musicians and dancers share the rich cultural heritage of Ireland through music and dance geared to intrigue audiences of all ages.
AIMEE YOUNG HOPKINS Performer, singer, and vocal instructor Aimee Young Hopkins, combines her talents as an artist and educator to teach the fundamentals of music through multicultural songs from around the world.
AMAN DANCE EDUCATORS Seasoned dance professionals from the former Aman International Folk Ensemble present carefully crafted folk dance programs that are curriculum driven and emphasize cooperation and teamwork.
ANDREW GRUESCHOW Percussionist Andrew Grueschow introduces students to the instruments, rhythms and culture of the Ewe people of Ghana, West Africa while teaching important music concepts.
BABA THE STORYTELLER World-renowned Kora musician and storyteller breathes life into African culture through songs, African harp playing, interactive games, storytelling and much more in these vibrant programs.
BACKHAUSDANCE Beautifully trained dancers with an eclectic and dynamic dance vocabulary explore modern themes through athletic, lyrical, contemporary movement to create meticulously sculpted dance works.
BETH SUSSMAN Juilliard-trained classical pianist Beth Sussman makes classical music fun and accessible in her humorous and interactive programs.

A free, 20-minute Kindergarten assembly is available if one, full-length assembly is booked on the same day.
THE CHAMELEONS World-renowned artists use their spell-binding talents in programs that are a celebration of the magic of theater and mime.
EIKO AMANO Innovative workshops led by artist Eiko Amano are a unique blend of science and art.

Please ask about options for projects that do or do not require access to a kiln. 
ELLEN SCHULZE Beloved, master puppeteer, Ellen Schulze, better known as the Puppet Lady, explores the art of crafting puppets in fun, hands-on workshops geared to tap into the creative mind.
HAUS OF IMPROV Professional actor, Steve Hohman, uses improvisational techniques and games to develop theatrical skills such as voice, facial expression, gestures, movements, and character development. Through active participation students will enhance their ability to be creative, along with their listening, critical thinking and writing skills.
ITALIAN STREET PAINTERS Combine creativity, fun and an exploration of the visual arts through the colorful art of street painting with talented artists.
JIM COGAN Master storyteller, Jim Cogan, creatively incorporates sound, movement, a myriad of facial expressions and audience participation in his dynamic programs, which can be custom designed for your specific needs. 
JOHN ZERETZKE Award-winning composer and world musician John Zeretzke guides students through an exploration of music’s early civilizations to the present.
JOHN ZERETZKE - Visual Arts Students and teachers will explore visual arts connections inspired by the rich meaning of language and words. Core vocabulary and concepts of each discipline will be explored and practiced with hands-on thematic lessons. Students will be able to demonstrate, using tools they have explored in the lessons, the meaning of these words through visual arts.
KAREN EMONTS Learn about and develop an appreciation for the art, artists, and cultural traditions around the world by combining imagination and art-making skills with various materials.
THE L.A. TROUPE From the page to the stage, this multi-talented theater company takes classical works and makes the stories and langauge accessible and fun for students of all ages. 
LYNN OKIMURA Lynn Okimura, an educator of animation and an industry professional, expands student creative thinking, expression and story ideas through various animated art forms. These programs are customizable and can be integrated with other subjects.
MARKUS TRACY Markus Tracy works with educational and civic institutions to use the visual arts as a vehicle for empowering individuals and communities at-large to make positive choices fostering tolerance and respect. He uses the visual arts as a positive outlet for artistic expression and community dialogue.
MEGAN HOOK Learn the fundamentals of singing and the building blocks of music with talented singer, and song writer, Megan Hook. Megan uses music to inspire us to move through life with hope and confidence. She believes that all songs have a message and she wants to share that message with you.
MUSIC BORN IN AMERICA Sandii Castleberry and friends specialize in Americana roots music and offer a variety of programs that integrate U.S. history with American folk music.
PEGGY HASEGAWA Journey through the ancient arts of origami, papermaking or bookmaking in engaging, multicultural programs with this talented artist.
PETER KORS Actor and director Peter Kors adapts fables and folktales to guide students through a creative playmaking experience celebrating the joy of performing. 
RAMYA HARISHANKAR India’s rich cultural traditions of dance, drama, music and poetry shimmer in these programs that weave an evocative tapestry of motion, color and rhythm.
UNIVERSOUL HIP HOP Internationally acclaimed Hip Hop dancers unite together to perform this American-born art form that has connected and inspired people across the world. The electric movements ignite the power within, and instill the universal values of self-worth, kindness, and community.