2020-2021 - VISUAL ARTS

Explore world cultures, discover a story in movement or celebrate an American classic. Our roster of internationally renowned dance artists brings the best the world has to offer to your school or event.

CYNTHIA CALLARD Visual Arts Cynthia brings her classes to life through stories of artists and their process. In addition to her work with Arts Teach, she teaches art at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art and enrichment classes for the Jewish Community Center in Irvine. She believes every student should have access to art and the opportunity to experiment and create their own artistic expression. 
ELLEN SCHULZE Visual Arts Beloved, master puppeteer, Ellen Schulze, better known as the Puppet Lady, explores the art of crafting puppets in fun, hands-on workshops geared to tap into the creative mind.
ITALIAN STREET PAINTERS Visual Arts Combine creativity, fun and an exploration of the visual arts through the colorful art of street painting with talented artists.
LARA BRUCE Visual Arts Originally from Hawaii, Lara Bruce studied art history in Massachusetts and after working for years in the art auction industry, she transformed her love of art into a passion for teaching. Lara has also worked for Art to Grow On inc. for the past 10 years and loves bringing art and art history to children of all ages.
LYNN OKIMURA Visual Arts Lynn Okimura, an educator of animation and an industry professional, expands student creative thinking, expression and story ideas through various animated art forms. These programs are customizable and can be integrated with other subjects.
MARKUS TRACY Visual Arts Markus Tracy works with educational and civic institutions using the visual arts as a vehicle for empowering individuals and communities at-large to make positive choices fostering tolerance and respect. He uses the visual arts as a positive outlet for artistic expression and community dialogue.
PEGGY HASEGAWA Visual Arts Journey through the ancient arts of origami, papermaking or bookmaking in engaging, multicultural programs with this talented artist.
RENÉE ORTIZ Visual Arts Renee is a California contemporary artist passionate about sharing her love of art with others.  As a working artist, she continually explores a multitude of mediums and the artists who master them. As an educator, Renee appreciates the way in which people learn from and build upon the work of their predecessors and contemporaries. She guides her students to find these connections and then to use this information in building their own artistic paths. She believes that everyone has a unique way of seeing the world and teaches students to be true to theirs.