This duo of talented artists transports audiences with exceptionally crafted programs that blend the contemporary with the traditional. Experience mythical legends and stories of India through dance and storytelling in their program “Indian Mythology and Me”, or learn the cycles of nature through South Asian music and dance in their STEAM programs “The ‘Sum’ of All Things” and “Nature’s Cycles: Planting and Farming”.

Nature’s Cycles: Planting and Farming

Aman’s Dancing Storytellers will utilize dance and engineering practices to guide students to replicate and create models that represent cycles in nature through dance.  These workshops can best be utilized in conjunction with the assembly show “The ‘Summ’ of All Things.” A bundle of two workshops is recommended, in which students will learn the high energy, Indian folk dance, Bhangra, to represent the cycle of plants and farming through dance.

Fees:   First 60 Minute Workshop - $200
Each Additional 60 Minute Workshop - $150
Capacity: 35 students per class
Availability: In-Person or Virtually