Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards are the first and only New Orleans Jazz band just for kids and families.

Fly Through My Window

Fly Through My Window is an interactive concert of African-American folk music throughout the centuries. Students venture on a musical journey with Jazzy Ash and her band as they clap, sing, and dance their way through black American history. The songs presented in the show were all created by regular folks from nannies and farmworkers, to school children just like the students in the audience. This jazzy, spirited performance is a fun introduction to the musical heritage all Americans share.

Fees:   1 Assembly - $1,320
2 Assemblies - $1,570
3 Assemblies - $1,870
Availability: Coming Soon in November 2021

Fly Through My Window / Sevens: Pre-Recorded Video

Fly Through My Window features Jazzy Ash in a virtual concert where she performs African American folk songs like She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain, Miss Mary Mack, and Hambone. Then join along in Sevens, where Jazzy Ash teaches a traditional hand clapping game using patterns and counting.

Fees:   1 Assembly - $400