Arts Teach is an education program designed to help bring arts experiences to school and community organizations.

Through a roster of more than 75 professional artists from around the world, Segerstrom Center offers a large variety of affordable programs in Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts that can be customized to meet the needs of each unique community or event.

Three experiences to choose from


Assembly: experience the thrill of a live performance with one of our world class artists. Explore new cultures, raise bullying awareness, relive history, and much more through these 45-minute performances. 



Workshop: an introductory hands-on session taught by a master teaching artist. Workshops can complement classroom curriculum, teach new skills, and develop creative thinking.




Residency: immerse yourself in an art form with a master teaching artist over the course of several weeks. With multiple hands-on sessions taught by the artist of your choice, you can take your experience to the next level and customize it to fit your specific goals and budget.



Our staff members are happy to advise you in selecting the best artist and program for your needs and walk you through the booking process so let us know how we can help!