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While the Center has historically been known for the performances that grace our stages, we are continuing to deepen our reputation as a civic resource that used the arts to impact our community.

Here are a few examples of how we are catalysts for using the power of the arts to inspire remarkable transformations throughout the community.

Civic Resource:

Think Together, Girls Inc...
We are working in collaboration with local non-profit organizations and cities to respond to the needs of undeserved populations.

"You have allowed our staff to take their leadership to the next level as they walked away with communication skills, stronger leadership, and a stronger sense of connection ot those who we serve on a daily basis. Your work in our community is positive and impactful..."
Director of Learning Programs, THINK Together reflecting on a training an artist did for her staff


Family Bonding:

Marines and their Families from Camp Pendleton...
From captivating performances to hands-on workshops, the Marines from Camp Pendleton and their family members are given opportunities to bond with each other as they deal with the burdens of having a loved one prepare for and transition from deployment.

"Your contributions to this special event had a significant impact on the lives of our nation's most precious resources, the young men and women, who serve this great nation. Your dedication and thoughtfulness has contributed to making this event heartwarming and a memory which will have a lasting effect on the lives our Marines and sailors."
Family Readiness Officer, Camp Pendleton


Healing Arts:

CHOC, AIDS Services Foundation, Phoenix House...
The arts have the power to help those who are dealing with an illness or recovering from addiction to express what is too difficult for them to say verbally. The therapeutic impact of these healing arts programs stays with the individual even after the program has concluded.

"My granddaughter has been so sick she has not felt like eating or leaving her hospital room for days. Seeing your artist perform was the first time she smiled or laughed in days. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Grandmother of a patient at Children's Hospital Orange County

To find out how we can partner with your organization contact us at or call (714) 556-2122 X4310

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